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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Priyanka in red saree curvy curvy

Former Miss World and Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra says that Indian films are being appreciated globally and the actors are receiving offers from abroad including Hollywood.

"The Indian film industry has broken barriers and has gone international. The commercial collections and audience base abroad have grown", Priyanka told reporters in Bangalore. The actress said she had received "some offers" from Hollywood but said she would accept it only "if something excited" her.

"I would rather prefer to be the king here than be the Jack of all trades. There is a lot for me to achieve here," Priyanka, who has six films planned for 2008, said.


Thinking Of You

Some more of quotable quotes from the former Miss World:

When asked what sets her apart from other actresses: "I don't come from a film background. I haven't learned anything about films or film-making. But I have a thirst to know everything about my profession. I want to learn about cinematography, about editing, about music recordings, about post-production. So when people in the know talk, I willingly listen. Also, I'm not scared of working 20 hours a day."

"I got into the movies by accident. When I got an offer, I thought let's try this too. Everything in my life has happened by trial and error. I didn't even think I would win the Miss India title so where's the question of thinking I'd come this far." (July 2007)

Flow Like The Water

When an offer to do an international project came her way, Priyanka just did not find it suitable enough to say yes. It is understood that Bollywood Actress Priyanka Chopra turned down an offer from Ashok Amritraj to do a cross cultural love story. The movie was to be an international project. But it appears, though the project was international, the lineage was not. Insiders say that the budget of the film was far below what is spent by Indian Filmmakers while making their own movies. So there was no point in working on a shoe string budget and not get noticed at all.

Glam Is me

The glamorous Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra i going solo till now. In the past though there have been rumours of her dating Aryemaan. This association began on the sets of The Hero in which Priyanka Chopra plays the lead role and Aryemaan was the assistant producer. The aquaintance grew thick even after the filming of the movie was completed but did not turn into anything serious. Now I hear that Priyanka is going steady with Harmaan, the yet to be released film's hero, and has even popped the question. The news is not yet confirmed. I do not know what her views are on marriage and settling down. I just hope she is not phony like the latest crop like Raveena Tandon and Sushmita Sen who have adapted babies to give their lives a semblance of being settled.

Saphhire Brings The Fire

The pretty actress has her bag full with work for 2008. Another project of hers is with Sunny Deol, with whom her association goes back to the days of The Hero. She is quite in awe of the actor and has already consented for the new yet to be named project by the actor director Sunny Deol. Sunny Bhai is obviously basking in the glory of the family venture Apne and is quite happy with the success of the film. He is making a new movie with brother Bobby Deol in the lead and Priyanka has already said yes for the love interest of Bobby Deol in the yet to be named project. Rumours have it that she is in so much awe of Sunny Deol that she is not even charging money for her role in the movie.