Saturday, January 5, 2008

Cat Fight

The cats are at it. It appears Kareena Kapoor 's love-hate relationship with Priyanka Chopra is not over by any accounts. In a recent interview with a leading tabloid Kareena declared herself the only actress in town besides Rani Mukherjee .

When quizzed about her biggest competition Kareena responded, "The only actress of my generation that I really like is Rani. I don't see any other actresses." The journo persisted and asked her about Priyanka and Bipasha Basu who are doing reasonably well Kareena in all her 'humility' replied, "I said 'actresses".

"They are actresses…" the journo retorted to which Bebo said, "I only consider Rani to be an actress.”

Wow! i do not know what Bebo has got in her head, or rather if she has got anything inside that "Heads & Shoulders" head. Check the other post about what Priyanka has to say about this.


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